The Plaza District: This district is one of the best in all of the Oklahoma City because it has several shops. Some of the favorite shops include Collected Threads and the restaurant Urban Wineworks. The Plaza District also has a live music event on the second Friday of every month; the shops stay open late and the Plaza is full of activities for patrons of all ages.

Uptown 23rd Street: This area is being revitalized and losing the uncool wig shops and broken down buildings. The sweet little bungalows are becoming trendy cupcake bakeries, hot BBQ stops, and neighborhood bars. This is a great area to get involved in while it is growing into one of the hottest spots in Oklahoma City.

The Paseo Arts District: This district is the arts district in Oklahoma City. The neighborhood began in the 1920s and became a bright spot on the map in 1970s. Now, really cool people live here and they spend their time at the art galleries and fun little restaurants.

Myriad Botanical Gardens/Devon Tower: Grassy green space? Check. Newest and tallest skyscraper in OKC? Check. You can kill two birds with one stone when you visit the Myriad and the Devon. When you visit the Devon, make a reservation for the Vast – the tasty restaurant at the top of the building. When you’re in the Myriad, check out the Crystal Bridge for a great view.

Downtown: Downtown Oklahoma City is mostly a business district, but there are spots that cater to the businesses and their employees, so you can easily find good restaurants, like Kitchen No. 324. and beautiful Oklahoma lodging.  The Oklahoma City Thunder makes their home in the downtown region and you can watch them beat the rest of the NBA teams when they come to town.

Bricktown: This is a tourist spot, but many locals hangout here, too. Oklahoma City has a canal and just like San Antonio, the canal is the focal point for many great hangout spots. Some of the local hangouts include Tapwerks and Skinny Slims.

Oklahoma River Boathouse District: This is not where you will find huge yachts and sloops, but you will find locals, especially the ones who love a little adventure on the river. The Boathouse District has a zip line as well as white water rafting park. Believe it or not, this area is the kayaking and rowing Olympic Training Site, too. Many locals drop their personal canoes and kayaks at the spot because they can enjoy the food and drinks when they return.

Oklahoma City Film Exchange District: This district is in the middle of the United States and it just happens to be where the Hollywood studios store their films. The area has been converted to a hip restaurant area that also includes a theater for movie goers; the best part of this movie theater is that you actually pay an annual membership fee, but you set the amount! Oklahoma City natives love this area because they can spend an entire weekend afternoon here and be completely entertained.

Ahh the sunshine state.  Such a beautiful place that allures so many people.  From it’s world famous Disneyworld resort to the agricultural giant Florida Crystals and Pepe Fanjul Jr., Florida is diverse in both entertainment and business.   Florida will capture the imagination of any visitor, as it has a very beautiful landscape, and throughout history, has caught the attention of many. So people are there for Mickey Mouse, while others are there the beaches. There are also some visiting for the Everglades, the nightlife, the manatees, the gators and the kayaking.

If you want to visit Florida, these are some of the top destinations that you should never miss:

Walt Disney World

Walt Disney World is a very beautiful place, and you will always be happy to spend your money there – buying all kinds of shirts and toys, and being carried away by the attention-grabbing fireworks of Cinderella’s Castle. Whether it is the corny (but endearing) joke or a particular turn in a particular ride, you will always be happy spending your time there.


Miami is no longer a little citrus town. It is a city of the vibrant mix of Haitian, Colombian and Cuban cultures. This is where you see unusual art deco architecture. You cannot do without being attracted by the sands of South Beach and the turquoise waters of Biscayne Bay.

Key West

Key West is the place to have fun if the mainland Florida is just too boring and dull for your liking, as there is always a party to waiting for you. There is always a tolerant vibe, as the motto ‘One Human Family’ translates to mutual respect for and acceptance of people of all religions and colors, including gays and lesbians.

The Everglades

Not being regarded as a swamp, it can be said that the Everglades are more beautiful than all the flash and sin which come from Miami. You can enjoy biking, kayaking, canoeing or walking in this place, and its delicate ecosystem has survived for hundreds of years.

St Augustine

Linger at charming cafes, saunter along cobbled roads, get to know about the rich history of the city when you visit many museums, after which you will end the day with a horse-drawn carriage ride through the Historic District or a dinner at one of the gas lamp-lit restaurants. Epcot is also the real deal.

Sanibel Island

This is a very beautiful barrier island that you can really have fun because of its beaches – pick seashells which litter the porcelain sand, spot night herons, alligators and anhinga at JN Darling National Wildlife Refuge. You can enjoy fresh and delicious seafood at one of the quaint beach-shacks.

Caladesi Island State Park

Caladesi Island State Park is located in the Tampa Bay area, and is believed to be the best of the natural beaches. Reach it by ferry or canoe from nearby Honeymoon Island (this place is also worth visiting). In addition to a palm-lined and an unspoiled 3-mile beach and nature trails, it is the right location for a lazy day of picnicking and swimming.

Amelia Island

This is a charming shrimping village that is home to Fernandina Beach. You will be greeted by delightful eateries, 50 blocks of historic buildings, and unique B&Bs, and if you want a swanky resort to the quaint B&Bs, you will never be disappointed.

Apalachicola National Forest

Apalachicola is the largest of the three national forests of Florida. It occupies hundreds of square miles of the Panhandle, to the Apalachicola River from just west of Tallahasse. You can enjoy biking and hiking in this otherworldly forest of dunes, cypress hammocks, swamps, karst terrain and sinks.


Sarasota is the right place if you want to join the circus, and in the town, you can enjoy the circus classes, visit many shows and go to the church built by the circus.

When was the last time that any of us took a step back to really get a good, long look at things?  That’s the thought that finally broke me, pushed me over the edge.  After so long of working in a cluttered office cubicle, I decided that I couldn’t take being locked up anymore.  I took 3 weeks off from work (and my boss didn’t complain, she knew I deserved it, after not taking any time off in over 4 years), called some family, and made arrangements to get the heck out of my dreary, everyday life.

My sister and her husband, my parents, and a friend of mine came along, once I explained my desire to get out of the house and take a break; they all agreed that it was long past due.  That was the first step to what I like to call “My Enlightenment”.  While I didn’t exactly find the true meaning of life, or meet our creator in person or anything, I did realize something that completely changed the way I look at things now.

Stop for a minute.  Just stop.  Think about what’s been worrying you over these past few days; think, don’t stress over it.  Problems with the family?  Worrying about how you’ll pay the bills this month?  Just went through a rough breakup?  Those few things in particular were my main problems.  Personally, I’ve always believed that things always work out in the end – not that everything has been planned out by some all-powerful entity or something, but that nothing can ever truly, permanently knock you down or keep you from playing the great game we call life.

No matter what it is, problems go away eventually.  You just have to look at it and figure out how to solve it.  That’s the first problem most of us have today.  We have some huge issue going on in our life, and we’re scratching and clawing and doing everything we can to get hold of the situation.  Well, I guess I can’t speak for everyone, but I know that’s what I do personally.  Correction, used to do.

During my first week on vacation, my parents wanted us to just breathe, relax, and not think for a while.  We booked 3 suites at one of the many beautiful all inclusive resorts in Punta Cana, and settled down; all of us trying desperately to let go as we lay on the white sandy beaches.

I’ll be honest: the first few days didn’t go so well.  Since I was a kid, my relationship hadn’t been as good with my sister as it could have been.  Though neither of us can now remember why our close friendship fell to pieces, it is easy to say what put it back together.

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I usually hang out in Las Vegas or San Francisco when I visit the West Coast by myself during certain summers but this summer I decided to visit Lake Tahoe at the suggestion of a good friend. He told me that Lake Tahoe is the ultimate adventure for vacationers and that this city offers everything from kayaking, canoeing, mountain bike riding and camping. Having grown up in the South, I know a thing or two about adventurous activities so this city was ideal for my vacation. Here are some places I went in this city during the summer that I think you’ll like.  When I visited, I felt refreshed and I had an amazing time. The people I met were friendly and I was pleased with the hotel and restaurants I visited.

Sand Harbor

This is one of the city’s best beaches and when I checked it out last summer, I saw why. I enjoyed the white sandy beach and pristine and cool waters to swim and walk in. I found Sand Harbor to be clean and I had a blast climbing some of the rocks and enjoying the water sports such as surfing with a fellow tourist there.

Stillwater Spa at Hyatt in Lake Tahoe

I was in need of something relaxing so I drove over to the Hyatt in Lake Tahoe and I thoroughly enjoyed the spa treatments. I got the 90-minute Hydrafacial treatment, which is skin resurfacing and I received a soothing massage and an anti-aging treatment that uses caviar as a facial.  The spa itself looked exquisite and clean.

Lake Tahoe Shakespeare Festival

I’m a literary buff so I headed over to the Lake Tahoe Shakespeare Festival to enjoy the funny and serious productions that are renditions of Shakespeare’s plays as well as productions that are inspired by Shakespeare. It’s held every summer between mid-July and mid-August. I saw Two Gentlemen of Verona and I thought it was hilarious. It’s the story of two friends Valentine and Proteus who compete for the attentions of Valentine’s girlfriend Silvia. There is a constant comedic theme in this production.

Tahoe Rim Trail

This trail in Lake Tahoe offers a variety of activities such as hiking, canoeing and scuba diving. I came here for a little kayaking with a relative who lived right outside this city and she couldn’t stop raving about how beautiful the water looked near the trail. I picked a few of the wildflowers that grow a lot there.

Planning Your Lake Tahoe Trip

I’ll discuss how I planned my trip this city. I knew I was coming there in the summer so I called the hotel in the winter and booked months in advance. I also inquired about discounts and I was able to get a percentage off the price of my hotel stay. I researched different websites for the most affordable plane ticket and I also researched some of the top places to visit in the area.

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